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ABout Ashlyne

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Ashlyne Huff is a certified relationship coach, author, songwriter, singer, dancer, registered yoga teacher, creator, and real estate agent–sometimes all in a twenty-four hour period. She’s exhausted most of the time, but that’s when she feels the most alive. Ashlyne grew up in the music industry and pursued her own musical path upon graduation from Nashville’s Belmont University with a BBA in Music Business. With a pop record deal in LA, she was lucky enough to open on tour with the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys, Jordin Sparks, appear on the Ellen Degeneres Show, and record two albums. After a three-year stint on the road, Ashlyne decided moving back home to Nashville was best. There, she wrote a young adult novel Falling Stars about some of her experiences in music, started, became a yoga instructor, got into real estate, and got married (and not in that order). 


First came marriage but then a divorce nearly four years later, and the aftermath of that divorce process became the catalyst for a BIG change. From a deep dive into her pre-marital traumas, patterns, and debilitating anxiety came the urge to write battle-tested courses to help women like her move beyond the very same things. One for the divorced woman and one for the woman who has suffered a serious break up.


Ashlyne currently lives in Aspen, Colorado with her new husband Marcus and their two dogs Ollie and Nellie.

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