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Before & After: The Body Edition

Episode 6 (and Step 5) in Your Living Autopsy podcast is all about your body. And mine. I highly recommend you listen for more context, but in this episode, I tell you about my own struggles with my body.

Post-divorce, I was super skinny. And ever since I got happy and moved and ran into some health issues...I've been trying to get back there, or at least close! But it's been extremely hard and even more disheartening. Finally in a good place and I don't feel like I look like myself.

I wonder if I'm the only one here?

The funny thing is that I know it's probably not my best look, being that thin. It wasn't healthy at all. I was a shell of a person, had massive anxiety, had zero appetite, worked out constantly because I had free time and I was getting my yoga teaching license, and I wasn't drinking at all.

I LOVED not having to worry about my body. I mean, I really loved it. And I think I got so used to it that I wasn't prepared to be a normal human being again, much less one with any struggle in that area.

Again, I highly suggest you take a quick listen to Episode 6 (Step 5: The Body), but in the meantime, you can see the before and after pictures to illustrate my point!


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