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Have you listened yet?

During this strange time in our world (aka the pandemic obviously), I have had my ups and downs. I have felt weird, I have felt fearful, I have felt behind and I have felt productive, I have felt thrilled to have time at home and I have felt like I'm going to scream bloody murder if I don't get out name it, I've felt it.

But next year around this time, I think one of the things I'll remember most about 2020 is that I started a podcast. It's called Your Living Autopsy, and it's not about relationships. I mean, it is when we get to that step, but unlike my two (current) courses, this podcast does not center around your love life.

Anyone and everyone is invited to perform the living self-autopsy. All you have to do is show up with who you are and what you have and be willing to dig in and unpack what you find. That's it

The first episode tells you all about what a living self-autopsy I'm assuming you've never heard of such a thing. (I made it up.) The episodes after that first introductory one take you through the steps one by one, week by week. *And just FYI, the words written on the cover are not the steps. That's a diagram I made out of the stuff I struggle with. The steps (if you want to know) are found in the download here.

I hope you'll come along on our journey, especially during this time when you might have more time to do some real self-reflection. It's been such a fun experience for me to use my voice again like I used to, and I am so happy I took the leap to start it.

*Your Living Autopsy is available wherever you listen to your podcasts.

After all, today is done, but tomorrow's still up for grabs.


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